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As the current situation continues to unfold, the importance of medical professions becomes more evident. We read stories and news daily about the heroism of the nurses and doctors who work long hours to control COVID-19 and save people’s lives. These stories are inspiring to many of us , and students like you may be considering nursing as a career path now. Studying Nursing in the UK comes with a lot of benefits and career opportunities. You can explore various specializations and be part of one of the best health care facilities in the world. 

Here are few benefits to studying nursing in the UK:

  • UK is currently facing shortage of Nurses

This is the prime reason for nursing aspirants to look for studying in the UK.  The prospective nurse students have long been targeting  other countries like  Australia and the US, but the UK has  been an overlooked destination. The UK is currently facing a shortage of nurses that is approaching crisis levels. Accordingly, the UK universities and health sectors have been focusing on solving the problem of the nurse crisis that creates a lot of opportunities to study nursing. Financial aids can also be more easily obtained in such circumstances. The shortage has also paved a path for job security of the nursing aspirants wishing to study in the UK.

  • Great Graduate Prospects

Nursing graduates are the most employable in the UK as 94% of the students find jobs within just six months of graduation. The job prospect is very high since the demand for nurses has soared due to the shortage. As health service is a basic requirement, your presence as a nurse will always remain essential to provide required medical assistance and support. So, the profession is relatively in demand and the need for nurses is never going to get over.

  • Practical Knowledge

Generally, every student has to go through various books and study materials throughout the year to gain knowledge and to pass their finals. When it comes to nursing, the majority of your studying materials is practical as you get to train in hospitals and communities. The UK qualification provides you with clinical placement that helps you prepare to join the work field afterwards. The placement will show you settings and scenarios you might face in real-life work as well as equipment and technology you will get to use to save lives.

  • Worldwide Degree

Acquiring a nursing degree from the UK will allow you to work as a nurse in the UK and all over the world, it presents a great opportunity that will open up various career paths for you and you can also easily return to your home country to work as a travel nurse. Working as a travel nurse gives you a chance to experience the field in different countries where the demand for nurses is high. There you will receive good pay, housing and even your travel costs will be covered. Besides, you will get to enhance your skills as you will be exposed to new medical procedures in each country. 

  • Diverse, Stable And Dynamic Career

Nursing is a rising career with continuously increasing demand. Therefore, you can easily switch jobs or even switch your workplace from hospitals to clinics to nursing care facilities. That is not all! Nurses can choose to change their speciality to gain more experience and knowledge. Along with all these benefits comes the salary range. According to the data, the average NHS salary ranges from approximately £14,799 per year for Nursing Assistant to £52,846 per year for Clinical Lead Nurse. 

As a nurse, you will never stop learning, as every new patient is a new learning experience. You get to learn about medical care methods, treatment, people and culture. Besides, promotions in the nursing career are gained through professional development, continuous education, and advanced degrees, so every experience counts!

The UK is a rising destination for international students wishing to advance their career and learning opportunities. The introduction of Graduate Route is making it a more approachable option and the shortage of health professionals is a fact that cannot be denied. Nursing in the UK has a wide range of benefits and it will be an enriching experience for the students aspiring to study there. 

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