6 Most Popular Courses with Internship in the UK

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The United Kingdom (UK) is widely regarded as one of the most popular study destinations, and this is largely due to its prestigious education and world-class universities. They offer a world-renowned education system with qualifications that can make a genuine difference in your future. The UK education framework gives students the opportunity to join courses and subjects from various territories of studies, so you can tailor your degree to your very own needs and interests. 

The good news is that UK universities provide incredible emphasis on teaching students transferable skills. This means ample placement and internship options for the students. It assists in gaining work experience which is one efficient way to stand out amid this tough competition. Work experience can either be through internships or integrated placement years. They are typically undertaken by students and graduates looking to gain relevant skills. 

There are plenty of programmes across fields in the UK that come with industry experience options. Universities offer integrated work placement opportunities that let you gain work experience through internships and placement years either in between the programme or as an optional extra year.

So, here are the few courses with internships and placement opportunities for both undergraduates and postgraduate students.

1. Business Management

Business and administrative studies include probably the most well-known degree subjects for global students in London. UK universities offer internships and placement for students through various business subjects. There are other courses of business management including international business management, Accounting, Human Resources, Finance, Banking, Project Management and Business Law with the internships options. 

2. Hospitality Management

This is one of our pristine courses to comprehensively prepare our students for a professional career in the hospitality industry, tourism and marketing. As studying this course will not only get you practical knowledge but also placements and opportunities to do internships. 

3. Information Technology

As the advance in technology changes, students preferring to choose IT careers also increases. There is a huge scope in the field of Information and Technology. It is essential as a student to get work experience while you are still at university. This allows you opportunities to learn about the workforce and also develop networks. There are different courses of IT with internships such as Computer science, Data science, Digital marketing, Information Security, Software Technology and Communication.

4. Engineering

UK is ranked fifth for innovation and the best possible place to grow the skills and the approach that you need to succeed. Engineering degrees in the UK are often shorter than many other countries, meaning you can take your qualification out into the industry that much sooner. There are courses like civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and chemical engineering offering internships with duration of 12 months. 

5. Nursing

Studying Nursing in the UK comes with a lot of benefits and career opportunities. The UK qualification provides you with clinical placement that helps you prepare to join the work field afterwards. The placement will show you settings and scenarios you might face in real-life work as well as equipment and technology you will get to use to save lives. 

6. Health Science

Healthcare courses are in demand courses with ample career opportunities. You can study Psychology, Public Health, Health Management, Pharmacology among the few. An internship option or placement generally allows the industry exposure and understanding of the practical aspect of the course. 


Benefits of Internships

There are numerous benefits of working while studying. The advantage of doing internships will help you explore the real world experience in work.

·         Exposure to the Real-World

An industrial placement or internship will provide you real-world industry experience. You can put your knowledge into practice. It’s a great thing to have for first-time job seekers as well as for those looking for international work exposure or to strengthen your CVs.

·         Better Job Prospect

An internship can put international students on the fast track to regular employment, especially those who are interested in staying in the UK.  If you perform well during your internship or placement, you could also bag a full-time position at the same company.

·         Increase your skills and knowledge

Internship will help you gain skills and experience which you can’t get through class. You can utilize your practical skills at your home country being in the top company. First time job seekers and career changers aren’t usually desirable candidates, but companies are willing to train them as interns and give them the experience they would need to get a job.

·         Gain Confidence

Getting experience is a great way to build your confidence. What’s more, if you have an impressive resume, you will be more confident in your chances of securing a job. After you’ve done an internship, if an interviewer asks if you know how to do something, you can show the examples you had learnt from your experience.

·         Networking Opportunities

Internships are a great way to meet people in your field. Even if you have experience, knowing people never hurts. An internship allows you to meet people who might help you land a job later on and give you the contacts in the industry you’re trying to break into. Plus, references from people in the industry will really add weight to your application.


Take advantage of internship opportunities, studying in the UK as they provide transferable skills, useful connections and invaluable industry insights. Internship will not only give you practical knowledge but will upgrade your CV and help you in boosting your career.

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