Should I Study in Regional Australia?

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Do you plan to study in Australia? 

Opportunities may not be where you think! Big cities are no longer the only land of opportunity. Regional Australia is playing host to one of the largest resource booms Australia has ever seen and offers unique opportunities to International students. 

There are some great reasons why you should think about studying in regional Australia. Regional institutions offer a great relaxing lifestyle, a more personalized university experience, and beautiful natural scenery. Likewise, you can get the opportunity to explore the real Australian lifestyle, glory of beautiful beaches, mesmerizing landscapes, and opportunities that far exceed those available in big cities. You might also be hearing about the most discussed topic, extra migration benefits for permanent residency from choosing to study at a designated regional educational institution. That’s right!

Certain cities in Australia have been categorized as regional due to the areas generally being less developed compared to other big cities like Melbourne or Sydney. Cities such as Adelaide, Tasmania, Darwin, and Townsville and many other well-known cities fall in the regional category. If you choose to study in regional areas, you could get an extra 5 points towards Permanent Residency, and additional one-year post-study work rights on a Graduate visa as well as the same standard of quality education just like the big cities provide in Australia. 

Below are some top benefits of studying in Regional Australia:

1. Affordable cost of living 

Regional cities have lower cost of living compared to big cities such as Sydney or Melbourne. Based on our findings, we found that students can live comfortably in a luxury apartment in Townville by paying as low as AUD 1000 per month. While in Sydney, students need about AUD 2000 – 2500 per month to survive in the city within a cramped environment.


The Estimated Cost of Living in AUD        (per month)


2000 – 2500


1500 – 1700

Hobart, Tasmania

1500 – 1700


1200 – 1500


1200 – 1500


800 – 1200


800 – 1200


2. Better integration with the Australian Culture

Some students might find that the student populations in regional universities are smaller compared to the university in the big cities, which means that there is a close community integration where students can easily meet and get to know each other around. 

 3. Relaxing Lifestyle with City Facility

Regional areas provide a vacation lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Many regional areas are very well developed with most of the basic facilities, such as clinics or bistros to what you would find in the capital cities. One of the main differences is that these regional areas are more relaxed, and you will feel as if you are part of a community because everyone probably knows each other.

4. Peaceful Academic Atmosphere

Most regional universities are famous for the beauty of its natural environment. From tropical rainforests to white sandy beaches, rolling hills, red deserts and the iconic ‘bush’, Australia really does have it all. Regional universities are the best places to experience Australia’s natural environment.

5.Specialty course offerings

Regional areas provide study opportunities in secondary schools, TAFE, universities and English language studies. Several reputed education institutions, including well-known universities, have their campuses in regional areas and offer similar amenities and a wide range of disciplines just like the big city campuses.

6. Bond with the Community

Regional university campuses have a more robust community feel due to the smaller student associations making it easier to meet and get to know people around you. Living in a regional area allows international students to explore, discover, and build their network with different people from different communities.

7. Migration Opportunities

Chances of gaining extra points towards Permanent Residency. Study in a regional area will entitle five extra points in the application for Australian permanent residency.


Some of the Regional Australian Universities are:

Central Queensland University (CQU) 

University of Tasmania (UTAS)  

Edith Cowan University (ECU)

Murdoch University

Southern Cross University (SCU) 

University of Adelaide (UOA)

James Cook University (JCU)  

University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

University of South Australia (UNISA) 

Griffith University  

University of Wollongong

Curtin University

Thus, studying in regional australia is a best choice with the abundant advantages and learning opportunities. Why not give it a thought?

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