Statement of Purpose (SOP) Guidelines – Australia

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The Statement of Purpose is an important aspect when it comes to your dream to study in Australia. A well-written statement of purpose can help your application stand out amongst the pool of applicants, making you fulfil your desire to study in an Australian institutions.

Along with grades, achievements and experience, Statement of Purpose (SOP) is the deciding factor for admission into the institution of your choice. So, you should make the most of this chance of showcasing your ambitions, skills, experience & future plans by writing an SOP. Below are the guidelines that gives you basic ideas regarding the content that should include in your SOP.



  • Family background
  • If married, in Law family’s details
  • Husband occupation, Qualification of Spouse

Academic background

  • All Level of qualifications
  • IELTS or English language proficiency

Employment History

  • Internship
  • Work experience

Gap Explanation

  • Work
  • Sickness

Reason for choosing Australia/Compare with other countries

  • USA is not safe and admission requirement such as SAT/ GRE/GMAT
  • Compare Australia with USA, UK, Canada & New Zealand
  • What does Australia offer for international students; OSHC, TPS, AQF, ESOS
  • Multicultural and vibrant cities industry exposure, safe and friendly learning environment

Reason for not choosing Nepal

  • Lack of industry exposure
  • Theoretical approach rather than practical approach.
  • Curriculum are not design as per market needs
  • Admission open once a year and reservation issue

Reason for Choosing particular institution

  • Compare with other education providers its fee and location, course structure
  • More details such as compose, accreditation body, ranking etc.

Reason for choosing particular course

  • Course outcome
  • Course contents and unit
  • Majors
  • Career outcome
  • If it is relevant to your previous studies
  • If not relevant then how it will be help you to achieve your career goal

Future plan & incentive return back home country

  • Future plan; employment; name of companies salary expectation, post, current growth of such sector and how to you find a job (job vacancies complete)
  • Ties to home country, family responsibility and properties

 Visa condition


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